What Students Say!

The CCNG was extremely satisfying as it brought out a lot of clarity into what is really happening inside our body and why and what are the factors affecting our bodies and what can be done to prevent them. The course material was extremely understandable although the number of new terms were phenomenal. The highlight was the trainers who were very clear, very competent and very patient and answered all our numerous questions in detail. Stan, you really have a great course and I congratulate you for setting this up with your team and hope that more and more people will sign up for this course to help spread the message that will make a difference to their own as well as other's health in a scientific, relatively inexpensive and proactive way and minimise the disease related complications we all feel we are destined to face. Keep doing this good work.

- Sharad Trivedi, Mumbai, Maharashtra

I enjoyed the first batch of CCNG (Certificate Course of Nutrigenomics) very much. The course reflects the importance of personalized nutrition in our day to day lives. All the 48 chapters were well prepared and perfectly organized. They showed a number of examples regarding the intervention of nutrients and genes through published scientific videos. The course was explained by Stan Serrao, CMD of Welocity and the Nutrigenomics Counsellors in a way which was easy to understand. The information about Nutrigenomics is very relevant and important to reduce the risk of many diseases or increase the possibility of successful nutritional interventions for the maintenance of good health and well-being. Studying and understanding Nutrigenomics is an interesting and innovative scope for Certified Nutrigenomics Consultants for their business. Overall, I had a great and amazing journey throughout the entire duration of the course and I will definitely recommend it.

- Florine Fernandes, Mumbai, Maharashtra

By profession I am a medical doctor. This course was very informative for me. Each and every lecture was very interesting. The course material was so easy that any person could understand. It gives minute details about each and every nutrient. I am very happy to have done this course and I am encouraging my colleagues too along with people who are not aware of medical field or medicines. Though the course was online mode the teachers explanation and the presentation used by them made the lecture very interesting. There are many things in this course which are not known to many of us. After this course I have started suggesting diet also which gave an excellent result. I will be very grateful if degree and PG will also be introduced.


I feel immensely privileged and proud to be one of the students of the recently concluded first batch of CCNG. The amount of professional knowledge attained from this very useful course will definitely be a milestone in my career as a Certified Genetic Wellness Consultant. With this enrichment I can definitely help people become healthy and happy through Welocity Genetics revolutionary Lifetime Genetic Program (LGP).

In this hard Corona pandemic time, the value addition I have been able to do is immeasurable, both in terms of my personal grooming and health benefits of my family members. We are greatly benefited from it. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the efforts undertaken by the course faculties and the supporting staff, with special thanks and regards to Welocity CMD Mr. Stan Serrao for offering and successfully completing this Batch. My beest wishes to everyone for a bright future.

- CA Vipul Agarwal, Kota, Rajasthan

This course was very insightful. I've learnt many things from this course. For instance, we can get non-medical remedies by eating right food for many health issues. Diabetologist usually prescribe Metformin for diabetic patients that may not have the desired impact on them and at the same time it may also cause several discomfort or side effects too. After attending this course I have started prescribing only Ayurveda and gene-based diet. I thank Mr. Stan, CMD of Welocity Genetics and the entire team members for offering this course and make the people realise the importance of each and every food and nutrient.


I am very glad to be a student of the first batch of CCNG. This course has given me detailed explanation of each and every nutrient and also its importance. In spite of the course being online, the visual aids used are very good and interesting. An important point is that by opting for this course even a home maker can become a certified genomic wellness consultant, which may be extremely useful for the family. I would like to thank Mr. Stan, CMD of Welocity Genetics and his team for modulating the course in a very interesting structure. One should pursue this course to be a good genomic consultant to create a healthy atmosphere around us.


I am not a science student, yet I found the subject of nutrigenomics very interesting. Since I also promote Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program (LGP), I decided to study further. The CCNG course was in-depth information about our genes and nutrition. I am sure this will go a long way in enhancing my knowledge and helping me guide more people to experience optimum health. I advise all IBO'S to do this course. Remember the best investment one can make is on oneself. I have already recommended CCNG to 3 more people within one week of completing the course.


CCNG is an excellent course for beginners. It is extremely useful in knowing the gene-based modification in food and lifestyle. It is very helpful in the diagnosis of mutations and SNPs. Very useful tool for daily dietary management. Useful in knowing genotype and phenotype changes of parents and offspring.


I am happy and excited to be a part of the first batch. Thanks to Stan sir for organising this CCNG course and more importantly the way it was executed so very well. I learnt the basics which not only gives me self-confidence but also will surely be an enabler while speaking to anybody. Thanks to Welocity genetic councillors and also the staff behind the webinar in organising this course. Once again I take a lot of pride to be in the first batch and a part of this initiative. Best wishes to all the students and the entire Welocity Genetics team.


I am really overwhelmed with the 2-month online CCNG (Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics) conducted by Welocity Genetics. The information given by the entire team of genetic experts through online classes was of utmost importance and extremely valuable knowledge to the humankind. The positive impact of this knowledge has taken me to the next level in my professional career and I am happy to know a lot of interesting subjects like gene-based diet and lifestyle modifications. In today's modern and busy life, it is absolutely essential for everyone to know about their daily dietary management. With the knowledge gained through CCNG l am absolutely confident of providing my genomic knowledge to health-conscious people to stay healthy and happy through lifetime genetic program ( LGP) , I profoundly thank the whole faculty and the staff for conducting this program and for enriched me with their knowledge,


As you are aware, Welocity Genetics is the leading Indian Genetics-based wellness organization delivering innovative and technology-driven wellness solution to all walks of life. It is committed to create mass awareness through WIGNET by creating genomic wellness professionals to make positive contribution in the society as Informed Professionals and Genetic experts in an illness world. CCNG (Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics) is a superb endeavor in this mission. I am very proud to be a Student of this course in the first batch. The course material is very well prepared, extremely informative and useful for all the Genomic Wellness Consultants. The subject material was fully explained by well qualified experts, Nutrigenomics Councilors and Mr. Stan Serrao, CMD during weekly webinars. This course has enhanced my knowledge on this subject as well support me to increase my business also. I highly recommend all the Welocity IBOs to grab the opportunity to join this CCNG to be a Certified Nutrigenomics Consultant.

- CA Rajendra Verma, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow. This really makes me search for the answer and in return, I retain more information. I found it relaxing to be able to turn the work on the assignments and test at my leisure and when I had the time. I will say I learned quite a bit in this course. The assignments were very beneficial to the entire learning process. I really would have liked to have a study guide for at least the final section, but other than that I thought this online class was organized very well. I really liked was having the flexibility of logging on at my convenience to do assignments. I am generally a night owl and being able to log on at 11 or 12 at night was great for me!! I also like the course notes given by the instructors. They were easy to follow and very informative.


I am a medical doctor by profession. As a beginner to the world of genetics and nutrition, I am very happy to do the CCNG. First of all, thanks to Welocity Genetics for organizing and taking efforts for offering such a magical course. This will be 100% useful to me in my practice in the future. All the teachers explained the syllabus very nicely and also gave examples which we can see in our day today life. I enjoyed it a lot and also learned lots of new things which were not known to me earlier.


To be honest, I am looking forward to take more such online classes. The experience of this class has been very positive. I thought the course outline, syllabus, online zoom were extremely good. As a busy doctor I really liked the format and the flexibility of this course. It worked well with my busy schedule and expectations were clear and upfront. The class notes that followed each chapter were very detailed and online material supported the chapters very well to.

- Dr. Jeji babu, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

My gratitude to everyone who made this course a successful one! I feel honoured to be one of the students of the CCNG (Certificate Course of Nutrigenomics). The amount of professional knowledge attained from this is very useful to develop a skilled knowledge base in areas of genetics, nutrition and nutrigenomics which promote the concepts and principles in nutrigenomics, and develop skills for playing the role of Nutrigenomics Counsellor. With this enrichment, I can definitely help people become healthy and happy through Welocity Genetics revolutionary Lifetime Genetic Program (LGP).

In this pandemic time, the value addition I have been able to do is immeasurable, both in terms of my personal and health benefits of my family members. We are greatly benefited from it. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the efforts undertaken by the course faculties and the supporting staff, in completing this course successfully.

- Dr. Vanum Srinivasarao, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

The course had everything you said it would have. Overall I really liked the online classes, because all lectures and tests were straight forward. The assignments were very beneficial to the entire learning process. The lectures were very detailed and well-organized. At times, I felt I should have taken up this subject in a traditional manner because of the complexity of some of the topics. However, overall, I found it effective and truly enjoyed it. It became an excellent platform for my continuous learning process and helped me attain more knowledge.


I am a proud student of the first batch of CCNG of WIGNET. Thanks to our visionary CMD, Mr. Stan Serrao for his unique mission of creating massive genomic wellness awareness. I wish WIGNET will soon be recognized by competent authorities for our sincere efforts of mass awareness, innovative courses & education. Right now there are not many institutes that offer such kind of course o genetics and nutrigenomics. During this pandemic, every one of us needs to know the information about ourselves to remain healthy, happy and have a long life.

Becoming a doctor was the first thing I had wished for but unfortunately couldn't. Instead I went on to become an advocate. I can now proudly say that I'm a Certified Consultant on Nutrigenomcis and serve people in improving their health. In CCNG, our CMD Mr. Stan & his entire team have given us in-depth knowledge, along with relevant videos about the future of nutrigenomics. I sincerely thank all of them. I highly recommend this course to everyone so that they understand their body in which they are living, as well as help their near and dear ones live a healthy life.


To be honest, the experience of CCNG was very useful. Great information was shared through Zoom based online classes, which has tremendous positive impact on me. The information, power point presentations were extremely good. I really thank all at WEGNET who shared a lot of knowledge with all the students. To be precise, CCNG was beyond my initial expectations. The interaction was very detailed and the multiple choice questions that followed each chapter were very interesting. Online material supported the chapters very well too. You are the front liner in creating Genomic Revolution in Indi and I am extremely proud to participate in your great mission. I am thankful to members of Welocity Genetics.