Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG)

Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG)

WINGET, for the first time in India, offers a 2-month Online Certificate Course in Nutritional Genomics (CCNG) for ambitious, passionate and career oriented individuals from a broad spectrum of health and wellness.

Objective of 2-Month Online Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG)

The primary objective of offering 2-month Online Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG) is to develop a skilled knowledge base in areas of genetics, nutrition, nutrigenomicsand epigenetics which can promote the concepts and principles in nutrigenomics, and develop skills for playing the role of genomic wellness consultant and a qualified nutrigenomics counselor.

Course Description

The 2-month Online Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG) is designed keeping in mind the exact need of each student to understand the fundamentals of genetics, nutrition, nutrigenomics and epigenetics. The entire syllabus is curated with an integrative and preventive educational approach to blend the conventional wisdom of dietetics and nutrition with the latest and ongoing findings of genetics. The course has been structured into for five informative sections to provide comprehensive knowledge that is required for every student to gain effective entry into the fastest growing nutrigenomic industry as a competent genomic wellness consultant as well as a nutrigenomics counselor.

All five sections of the course will cover various aspects of genetics, nutrition, nutrigenomics and epigenetics as highlighted below:

Foundations of
Nutrition (12 Chapters)
Fundamentals of
Genetics (12 Chapters)
Nutrigenomics (12 Chapters)
The Science of
Epigenetics (12 Chapters)
Assignment (2 Chapters)

All chapters have crisp and scientifically curated content with relevant illustrations and videos which is backed by 16-hours of online classes (8 sessions of 2 hours each) for 8 consecutive weeks. Each online class is conducted by well-qualified professionals in the field of genetics and nutrition, giving an opportunity to students to interact and clarify thee syllabus and seek more knowledge, recording of which will be available in case a student misses the online schedule. At the end of the course, each student will be certificate during an online convocation ceremony.

Course Path

As the course name indicates, the 2-month Online Certificate Course in Nutrigenomcis (CCNG) is conducted online for duration of 2 months. The course syllabus, however, will be accessible online lifelong. CCNG is backed with 16-hours online classes to make it interactive and meaningful for each student.

Your CCNG includes 16-hours online classes (8 sessions of 2 hours each) for 8 consecutive weeks. The primary objective of the online classes is to provide profound understanding of Genetics, Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics through interactive lectures from experts in the field. Online classes also provide an opportunity for students to meet many genetics experts.

Eligibility and Pre-Requisites

Must be 18 years and above with reasonably good command over English language
Must be from medical or well as life sciences background that includes medicine, genetics, dietetics and nutrition, alternative therapies / healing or any other disciplines of health and wellness background.


All students who successfully complete CCNG will be awarded 'Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant' Certificate by WIGNET, in association with My Welocity and Welocity Genetics, during a grand online convocation ceremony.