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WIGNET – Welocity Institute of Genomics, Nutrition and Entrepreneurship

We believe, the key to good health is self-knowledge and we are convinced the extra-ordinary benefits of genomic wellness.

WIGNET - Welocity Institute of Genomics, Nutrition and Entrepreneurship Training is an outcome of our heartfelt desire of spreading genomic wellness to masses and influence them to scientifically know their own self better.

In the 21st century, on one hand, we see the technological advancement and medical treatments are getting super-sophisticatedbut on the other hand, life-threatening as well as chronic lifestyle diseases are on an astronomical rise. Prolonged and inconclusive diagnosis, avoidable surgeries and medical procedures and extremely expensive treatments are robbing millions of families across the world from experiencing good health and happiness, drastically destabilizing not just their physical but also emotional, financial and social well-being.

Inspired by the Human Genome Project of USA from 1990 - 2003, Nutrigenomics, an exciting new-age scientific breakthrough provides exciting answers to some of the unscientifically answered questions. Hence, the seed thought was to establish an educational and training platform to spread the power of genomic wellness and help people live a healthy, happy and possibly a disease-free life.

"WIGNET is a seed sown in the right direction. We are deeply committed to nurture it to become a gigantic tree under which health-conscious individuals and families find holistic solace of experiencing the true power of holistic living."