Targeted Nutrition Therapy

Are you wondering why innumerable health hazards are on the continuous rise despite massive advanced medical progress? Why the world is still suffering by the devastating effects of chronic diseases and alarmingly increasing lifestyle disorders? A recent medical survey reveals that a significant percentage of the world population is suffering from depression and anxiety, now considered as major a health challenge. And to make things worse, most of these conditions are not responding to modern medicine and are unceremoniously considered as incurable drug-resistant diseases.

In India, over 35% urban and 27% rural population is suffering from hypertension while the actual figure may be much higher. With approximately 8 lakhs loss of lives every year, cancer remains the leading cause of deaths in India spreading its dangerous roots into our society. One woman dies of cancer every 5-8 minutes. India now has more diabetics than any other country of the world which is estimated to reach 100 million by 2030. Same is the case with kidney failure, liver failure; cirrhosis of liver, respiratory ailments, digestive disorders, infertility, hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and the list goes on and on.

Are these diseases really incurable? Isn’t there a scientific method to address such lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases effectively? Well, there is. The modern medicine can only manage such health conditions but cannot provide cure as it fundamentally treats the symptoms and not the root cause. What essentially needed is a radical approach to address these health conditions that is holistic and scientific. This approach must be based on your genetic information, proper diet and lifestyle modifications.

Welcome to Nutrigenomics, your gateway to personalized nutrition based on your genetic make-up. Health practitioners and scientists’ world over, are now uncovering the benefits of nutrigenomics and the new discoveries that food is the information that speaks to your genes and triggers messages that create health or diseases.

There are many factors that culminate to bring about disease such as stress, hormone balance, the health of our gut, nutrition and the importance of detoxification and food. Consuming the right food daily with physical activities based on your genetic make-up holds the key in avoiding diseases and experiencing wellness. The traditional nutritional recommendation of one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. Your genetic profile holds the key in understanding what food suits your body the best. So, take our Welocity Genetics DNA Testing Program and accurately know what your body lacks.

Enter the era of personalized nutrition. Enter the world of joyful living and holistic wellbeing.