What Students Say!

By profession I am a mechanical engineer. Unfortunately, at the age of 35, I got affected by a peculiar disease and as per the doctors advise, I have to take medicines for the rest of my life. This incident shook me up and I started making real investment in increasing my health knowledge. One such investment is Nutrigenomics (CCNG) Course organized by WIGNET and Fit Bharat. It was an awesome journey. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Stan sir and Riddhi mam for simplifying the course and teaching us with ease. CCNG has given me very useful knowledge, where I was able to understand not just the world of nutrition but anatomy and physiology of my body very well. Now it will be very easy for me to understand and control lifestyle diseases. And after the DNA test report, it seems as if I have got the key to good health. Also, I am happy to become a Gene based Wellness Consultant and health coach to teach effective ways of preventing diseases and provide natural ways of reversing lifestyle diseases and add value to others life too. Last but not least, I am very thankful for providing life time study material and assurance for any assistance forever by WIGNET.

- Manir Ahmad, Mumbai, Maharashtra (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I am extremely happy to completed my CCNG course. I am very much thankful to Fit Bharat Mission and WIGNET Team. CCNG course has been a very powerful n life changing course for me not only in terms of enhancing knowledge but in maintaining personal health too. It was a really good course. The course faculty is really nice and makes all the efforts to deliver us the best knowledge. Thanks to Stan sir n Riddhi mam. I liked their teaching method. Thank you, all team members of Fit Bharat, and WIGNET.

- Bhavna Boda, Navsari, Gujarat (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I am a gynecologist with MBBS & MD, treating a lot of infertility cases and I found this course to be excellent. As a Health Coach and now as a Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant, I feel I am empowered in a scientific way to tackle the health issues and find a permanent and lifetime solution to the problems of my patients. The course is concise and very informative, it includes all the essential information. Very good part is, it has a life-time access. Thanks a lot, to the team and wish a bright future of the institute and students.

- Dr. Bachaspati Das, Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

Certification Course in Nutrigenomic (CCNG) offered by WIGNET and Fit Bharat was an awesome journey. The course is well-structured and easy to understand. The learning environment was also very supportive. My heartfelt gratitude to Stan sir for introducing such a wonderful course and deep love and gratitude to Ridhi mam for simplifying it and teaching us with ease. I am sure that this is the future. I am sure that this course will help us to achieve next level of success. I am proud to be part of this journey. Once again deep gratitude to entire WIGNET team.

- Neelima T, Bengaluru, Karnataka (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

The Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG) conducted by WIGNET & Fit Bharat Mission has been a life-changing course for me. I have had great experience with it. It is a very well-structured course. The course designed by WIGNET and taught by Stan Sir and Riddhi Ma’am was a great experience. I learnt about DNA based diet and exercise for better and a healthy life. I want to express my gratitude to Stan Sir, Ridhi Ma’am, Fit Bharat Mission and the entire team for giving me such a beautiful and great experience. I request everyone to please come forward and experience it to know interesting gene-based insights to live a disease free and healthy life.

- Neelam Oraon, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

Wow… superb course! Perfectly designed to give great education, knowledge, insights and clarity on Nutrition, Genetics, Genes and Epigenetics. Stan sir and Riddhi mam are great teachers making the topics easy to understand by giving prompt examples, clearing all doubts, ready to help anytime, giving us all the comfort required. I suggest everyone to do this course irrespective of health background because health should be priority to everyone. Prevention is always better than cure. I am very much grateful to Shivangi mam and Sneh sir of Fit Bharat Mission for introducing me to this beautiful course in my life which has changed my life, added value in my life, brought more confidence in me and has taken my life to the next level. There is always a growth in life when we connect with the right people. I am truly feeling excited about life, cherishing every moment in life and feeling blessed for having chosen by GOD to do this course. Thank you so much each n every team member.

- Rakhee Agarwayl, Hyderabad, Telangana (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I just completed the Nutrigenomics Course (CCNG) at Welocity Institute, and I must say it exceeded my expectations in numerous ways. The course content was comprehensive, up-to-date and exceptionally well-structured. The instructors and our Teacher (Guru) Riddhi ma'am and Stan sir were not only knowledgeable but also highly engaging, making complex concepts easy to grasp. The practical applications and case studies provided during the course were invaluable in deepening my understanding of how Nutrigenomics can be applied in real- life scenarios. The supportive learning environment and access to additional resources further enhanced the learning experience. I appreciate the efforts put into this course, which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about nutrition and health. I highly recommended this course to anyone interested in the fascinating field of Nutrigenomics. Thank you, Welocity Institute, for offering such a valuable leary opportunity."

- Priya Thakkar, Surat, Gujarat (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

Dear WIGNET & Fit Bharat Mission - I recently completed the online Nutrigenomic Course that your institute offered. I am writing to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this course and for the knowledge and skills that I acquired through this program.

I found the course to be well-structured, informative and engaging throughout the entire 2 months of training. The syllabus was relevant and current and the faculty were knowledgeable, responsive and supportive. I enjoyed the frequent mind map learning by Ridhi Mam and assessments that helped me understand the subject matter more thoroughly and allowed for hands-on experience with real-world challenges. Most importantly, I found the course to be highly motivating. The learning atmosphere was welcoming, and my instructors and peers were supportive and professional, making the whole learning process a wonderful experience.

Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn through your institute and appreciate the quality of instruction provided by the WIGNET & Fit Bharat Mission. I recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the field of Nutrigenomic. Thank you for offering such a valuable course.

- Dr. Alisha Noorani, Homeopathic Health and Wellness Coach, Mozambique (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

The Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG) has been a life-changing course for me not only in terms of enhancing knowledge but in maintaining personal health too. Being already a Dietician and Nutritionist, this course was a natural choice for me to explore a new area related to Nutrition and to do something different. It is an advanced course and till now Nutrigenomics is not very popular among society. So, I feel proud to be a pioneer in this field.

WIGNET is a very powerful platform for doing this course. The Chairman and MD of WIGNET Mr. Stan Serrao is a magical person with great knowledge and a wonderful attitude. Another faculty Ms. Riddhi Shah, Nutrigenomics Counsellor and Nutritionist also a very capable and cheerful person. Both of them took our classes and made this course a delightful experience for us. Their passion and energy are commendable. I am truly grateful to them.

I am fortunate that I was already associated with Fit Bharat Mission. They are very progressive and generous to offer this course to their associates. I am truly grateful to them as well. I am looking forward to imparting this knowledge to society and making a difference in the health of people. 'Prevention is better than Cure' is my MOTTO and I firmly believe that this can be achieved only by the knowledge of Nutrigenomics. Let everyone be Healthy and Happy!

- Reena Saxena, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

CCNG conducted by WIGNET is a very well-structured course. The curriculum is really nice and engaging. It gave me a really nice and elaborate knowledge about nutrigenomics helping me understand what Nutrigenomics is all about. The course faculty is really nice and makes all the efforts to deliver you the best knowledge. Stan sir and Riddhi Shah mam go beyond to help us. Special thanks to Riddhi mam. Her way of teaching using mind-maps is extremely helpful in understanding the concept really nice. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

- Ritima Bhatia, Bengaluru, Karnataka (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I am extremely happy to have completed my CCNG course. I am truly thankful to WIGNET. It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about genomics and nutrigenomics. Thank you to the entire WIGNET team and especially Mr. Stan Serrao and Ms. Riddhi Shah the way of explaining is so easy. Once again, I very grateful to WIGNET’s entire team and Fit Bharat Mission Founder Ms. Shivangi Desai.

- Srinu Pondari, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

CCNG course is valuable for understanding the links between genetics and nutrition, enabling personalized dietary recommendation and potentially improving health outcomes. I thought it was a really good course and I want to say thanks to all of you for your hard work. What we have learned in the course is very very important. I especially liked teaching style of Riddhi mam and Stan sir.

- Sakshi Agarwal, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I am extremely happy to share with you that my Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG) has been life changing course for me. The entire faculty is superb. All classes have been conducted exactly as per the schedule. Stan sir and Riddhi mam explained every chapter in detail. I am very lucky to have enrolled for this amazing course. I gained a lot of knowledge about DNA and genetics. Team WIGNET is highly responsible, cooperative and professional as well. I think this course will create revolution in my health coaching career.

- Rajesh Poonia, Hisar, Haryana (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for this incredible journey of learning and discovery during this 2-month online Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics provided by WIGNET and Fit Bharat Mission. As a Postgraduate in Economics, I had embarked on this course with a lot of curiosity and a desire to expand my knowledge, and the experience has been truly transformative. Here are some key take-aways that I would like to highlight:

Knowledge: CCNG has equipped me with a deep understanding of Nutrigenomics, a field that I had little prior exposure to. The comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance have broadened my horizons and opened up a world of knowledge I now consider invaluable.

Engaging & Accessible Instructions: CCNG is exceptionally well-structured. Complex concepts are simplified and well-explained making it accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds. I sincerely appreciate the clarity and gradual progression of the syllabus.

Supportive Learning Environment: Our instructors, Mr. Stan Serrao and Ms. Riddhi Shah and the Support Staff were always available to provide assistance and answer our questions. This support made the learning experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Practical Application: The practical aspects of the course, including the DNA Test and the Genetic Counselling have been instrumental in helping me connect theory with real-world scenarios. I can see how this knowledge can be applied to various aspects of health and wellness.

Lifetime Learning: Beyond the course, I have gained a new-found passion for health and nutrition. I am excited about the lifelong learning journey that this course has inspired me for.

Successful completion of CCNG has expanded my educational horizons and given me the confidence to explore new avenues in my career and personal life. I'm genuinely grateful for the knowledge and skills I've gained during this experience. Thank you for offering such a high-quality educational program. I look forward to putting my newfound knowledge into practice and continuing to explore the fascinating world of Nutrigenomics.

- Anupama Borgohain, Noida, Delhi NCR (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I am a medical Doctor. Ever since I enrolled for MBBS, I was interested in Genetics. I was also very much interested in physical and mental wellbeing through Exercise, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Spiritual activities. I am very much thankful to Fit Bharat Mission from the core of my heart for introducing a Health Coach like me to Nutrigenomics of Welocity Genetics. CCNG is a systematic and very well-organized course providing detailed knowledge about Anatomy & Physiology of human body reminding me my college days. It dwells deep into Nutrition, Genetics, Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics and DNA Testing. Welocity Genetics DNA Testing Program covers over 300 phenotypes, which is a simple once-in-a-lifetime saliva-based DNA test.

I am thankful to Mr. Stan Serrao for conducting such A beautiful Certificate Course and special thanks to Ms. Riddhi Shah, who took beautiful and nice lectures by explaining the syllabus in a very simplified manner. Thanks to the support staff for constant reminders and the entire WIGNET Team. DNA Test report helps one understand about their personality traits, current health conditions and prevent future health risks. DNA Test Report provides you answers about many unexplained questions, helping to understand मैं ऐसा क्यूँ हूँ?. I suggest all and especially to all medical doctors to do this wonderful course for themselves, their family members and for contributions to the society and the nation. Nutrigenomics provides you ‘Gene Based Diet Plan. Nutrigenomics is the future trend in healthcare and Wellness Industry. I convey my sincere gratitude and best wishes to entire WIGNET & Welocity Genetics Team.

- Dr. Girish Shantaram Chaudhari, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

I am delighted to share that I have earned a distinction in the ‘Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG)’ through WIGNET. This course has deepened my understanding of DNA and genetics, empowering me to treat and prevent future diseases. It has been a truly valuable experience, and I am grateful for the exceptional support and guidance from the mentors at WIGNET. Thank you for this enriching opportunity.

- Asawari Dandage, Kolhapur Maharashtra (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

CCNG (Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics) conducted by WIGNET in association with FIT BHARAT MISSION is a very well-structured course. It was extremely good and very well explained. I am very much satisfied with the syllabus. Amazing course.

- Sunita Nahata, Kolkata, West Bengal (Aug - Sep 2023 Batch)

CCNG is extremely valuable and informative experience. It covered a wide range of topics, from the basics of genetics and molecular biology to in-depth discussions on how specific nutrients and dietary components can affect gene expression and metabolism. This comprehensive approach provided a solid foundation for understanding the intricate relationship between nutrition and genetics. The course lectures were well-structured (syllabus had been break down into smaller, more manageable sections) and engaging, presented by knowledgeable faculties who were experts in the field of nutrigenomics. The combination of access of course on portal (where we get written contents with related videos) and weekly live sessions with slides, mind-maps, and interactive discussions, kept the learning experience dynamic and interesting. Another highlight of the course was its focus on real-life applications of nutrigenomics. Learning how to interpret genetic data and apply this knowledge to tailor personalized dietary recommendations was both eye-opening and empowering. It offered valuable insights into the potential future of healthcare, where nutrition could be fine-tuned based on an individual's genetic makeup.

The course incorporated recent advancements and research findings in the field of nutrigenomics, which is essential in an evolving scientific area. Learning about the latest studies and breakthroughs provided a sense of being at the cutting edge of knowledge in the domain. Even though I belong to non-medical field, this wasn’t challenging without a prior background in biology or genetics. Having access to faculties for questions and discussions had enriched the learning experience. Overall, CCNG by WIGNET was enlightening, providing an in-depth understanding of the interplay between nutrition and genetics. The course's strong focus on practical applications and its up-to-date research made it particularly valuable. I feel more empowered to make informed decisions about my own and my family’s diet and health based on the knowledge gained. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in exploring the fascinating world of nutrigenomics and its potential implications for personalized nutrition and well-being. Wishing all the best to WIGNET and whole team for providing such valuable knowledge.

- Dhanush Jamod (Apr - May 2023 Batch)

I want to express my appreciation for the valuable knowledge and insights I gained during the course. The teaching abilities, the subject matter was evident and presentation style kept me thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire duration of the course. Your ability to break down complex concept into understandable and relatable example made the material more accessible to learners of all levels. The course content was comprehensive and well structure. The resources provided such as recommended reading material were incredibly helpful for further exploration and self study You were always ready to clear our doubts and provide additional support when needed. I want to express my gratitude to Stan Sir, Riddhi mam and the entire team for making this course so insightful and enjoyable. Your dedication and expertise have left a lasting impact. I look forward to applying the knowledge I gained and continuing my journey in the fascinating world of genetics.

- Aakshata Nankani (Apr - May 2023 Batch)

I am a wellness evangelist by passion as well as an entrepreneur in Nutrition & wellness Industry. I am very proud and happy to be a student of the 12th Batch of CCNG online course offered by WIGNET. It was truely a wonderful opportunity to learn about Predictive and Preventive health care through Genomics and Nutrigenomics. My sincere thanks to the entire WIGNET team and especially Stan Serrao sir. I strongly recommends this valuable and Knowledge showering course to each and every one.

- Robin George (Apr - May 2023 Batch)

It was a wonderful experience. Classes and curriculum was very sincerely designed. Teachers were very sincere and knowledgeable. Every one was wonderful in every sense. I am a dietitian and found this nutrigenomic course very beneficial for me in treating patients. All the best to the whole team of WIGNET and thank u all for enlightening me.

- Naina Sharma (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

I am a doctor by profession, an eye surgeon by specialty. I was always interested in healthy food, lifestyle and mind-body practices like Yoga, Pranayam & meditation. I have been personally following them for many years too. I have also done the Sudarshan Kriya course from AOL. When Dr. Darryl DeMello, Medical Advisory Board Member of Welocity Genetics introduced me to CCNG, I found it aligning my interests and joined it immediately. I must say it’s a very elaborate and informative course which can make you ‘Your Own Doctor’ and keep you, your family and near and dear ones healthy through various epigenetic solutions. I thank Mr. Stan Serrao, CMD, Welocity Genetics, for starting and successfully running this Certificate Course that is based on predictive & preventive health care. I am sure this is going to transform human healthcare and wellness industry very soon. I appreciate Ms. Riddhi Shah, who made every topic very interesting to learn. Her Anatomy & Physiology classes took me to the nostalgic memory lane of my medical college days. Thanks to the support staff too. I convey my good wishes to WIGNET, Welocity Genetics and the entire team.

- Dr. Sabari Patowary, Kolkata. West Bengal (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

CCNG is a well-planned course that has excellent knowledge about nutrition based genomic wellness. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Team WIGNET who brought a paradigm shift in my understanding of the power of nutrition. This course will be an eye-opener for those who wish to opt for healthy lifestyle. In today's challenging and harmful environment, predictive and preventive healthcare is a way forward for many chronic illnesses. My sincere thanks to Ms. Riddhi Shah and Mr. Stan Serrao who made this course informative and truly interactive.

- Dr. Neghi N., Madhurai, Tamil Nadu (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

While pursuing a corporate marketing career, I saw many people deal with preventable chronic illnesses at a very young age, which inspired me to learn about wellness to help people lead healthier lives. I realized everyone is the author of their own health or disease and are passionate to educate and empower people to live a vibrant life, a life they believe everyone deserves to live! What was missing in this path was personalization of solutions. At this time, I was introduced to WIGNET and I am proud to a be a graduate of batch 11. This certification has empowered me to take my passion for wellness and need to make an impact to the next level. Thank you WIGNET and Welocity Genetics.

- Rajeev Sajja, Philadelphia, USA (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

The course is very well designed and executed. Ms. Riddhi makes the lectures easy to understand and keeps us engaged. The videos added in each chapter are apt and informative. I have taken a lot from this course!

- Tanya Sequiera, Mangalore, Karnataka (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

This wonderful Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics (CCNG) organized by WIGNET of Welocity Genetics has given me and my family very useful knowledge. I have learned many new things. Welocity Genetics has given me an opportunity to help many people who are affected by various health challenges in the society with their accurate food habits through our genetic (DNA) test. Thanks to this amazing training and to the faculty who gave the training. Thank you Welocity Genetics.

- Vinay Kumar Velchuri, Andra Pradesh (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

I am a mechanical engineer and very recently I become a wellness coach to teach effective ways of preventing diseases and provide natural ways of reversing lifestyle diseases. CCNG offered by WIGNET has been a unique experiential learning for me as it provided me wonderful new insights as to how one can find accurate new solutions for many of lifestyle diseases through balanced nutrition and epigenetics solutions. CCNG can help anyone to come out of their health issues by taking recourse to proper nutrition once their DNA sequencing (genetic testing) is done, that too with least resources and in relatively a short period. My gratitude goes to Team WIGNET with its excellent faculty members who made a paradigm shift in the ways of finding solutions to illnesses.

- Chandran Narayana, Mumbai, Maharashtra (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

I am a part of the health & wellness industry promoting food supplements for the last 15 years. I have been helping people prevent the onset of chronic diseases. Basically, I am a civil engineer and I do not understand complicated biological / technical terms but after successful completion of CCNG, my knowledge about DNA / genetics, its protection through various epigenetics solutions such as nutrition, food, exercise, positive attitude, sleep and adequate rest got highly enhanced. The most important thing is the knowledge of quantity of macro and micro nutrients such as protein, carbs, fats, fibre, multivitamin, Omega3, antioxidant etc. Our genes can be protected by a healthy lifestyle changes but one has to know which are the things to protect and how exactly. I firmly believe, nutrigenomics is the future and the time is not too far when chronic disease will be treated through scientifically validated Nutrition and dietary supplements.

- Gopal Singh, Patna, Bihar (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

I feel very happy and proud having graduated with CCNG (Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics) offered by WIGNET of Welocity Genetics. The faculties Associated with the course were very good who made this tough subject simple to understand. I find the Predictive and Preventive Health Care aspects of this course are very important, interesting and relevant, which are going to transform the face of Human Healthcare as well as Health & Wellness industry in a big and an affordable way. Thank you WIGNET and Welocity Genetics.

- Jitu Dutta, Guwahati, Assam (Jan - Feb 2023 Batch)

I have had a long history of being interested in the study of human genes and its importance. Being a medical doctor by profession and being the family earning pillar, I could not manage time to explore my interest in inheritance, human hereditary and genetic variations. But I felt very lucky to learn Genetics in CCNG. After admission in WIGNET for CCNG classes, I got fascinated when I came to know the implication of DNA structure & Genes. My sincere gratitude to all the teachers of WIGNET who have shared their knowledge and helped me realize the importance of science in our life. I thank WIGNET for delivering extremely useful online classes on Nutrigenomics and for providing me this amazing knowledge with an opportunity to sharpen me into my greater self. I thank the entire Welocity family for transforming my life into a different sphere.

- Dr. Binod Kumar Mohanty, Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Nov - Dec 2022 Batch)

I am very proud to be a student of the 10th Batch of CCNG offered by WIGNET on NUTRIGENOMICS. The course is not only extremely useful for all my clients but it has immensely helped me in my own personal life. Though the subject is very scientific and technical, the teaching method is very simple to understand. Thank you, Mr. Stan and the staff, for your valuable contribution in my life.

- R. Selvaganapathy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Nov - Dec 2022 Batch)

Dear team WIGNET, Thank you so much for wonderful experience. The course has helped me to understand of Genetics and nutrigenomics .it's amazing course any one can go for it.

- Chandrakant Taram, Delhi (May 2022 Batch)

I must say that WIGNET helped me fill the gaps between my understandings in various health related aspects . It helped me connect Health to Genes and Genes to Environment and by environment, I truly mean everything including biological terrain within our body and physical environment outside our body comprising of physical environment (and those who are aware of mental and spiritual body would agree to, its role on Gene as well).

I am an Energy Healing Practitioner and can connect to lot of things by gaining the knowledge of Genetics, Epigenetics etc., and the best part is with much ease . Since the subject is so difficult that initially I was reluctant to do it but craving to know more about Nutrition & Wellness, gave needed motivation to get myself enroll for it . It helped me keep myself ahead of the competition.

WIGNET helped me understand most difficult concepts in easiest way through superb collection of videos, images and texts. It was truly a fun completing one chapter after another. I understand that designing of the course content is the key to its success and the superb faculty we had is invaluable. My sincere gratitude to entire WIGNET TEAM .I wish all the success to all in the years to come.

- Ashok Sindhav, Delhi, NCR (May 2022 Batch)

I wanted to start by saying that I have a long history of being interested in the study of human genes and its importance. As a family earning pillar, I didn't have much time to have a deeper study of my interest in hereditary and variations but as time went on, I can say I am lucky to have this opportunity to learn genetics in WIGNET. I took the chance and finally did my admission with high hopes and motivation from my family, and after starting classes and lectures I have grown in fascination of how the structure of DNA and Genes is. And have grown fond from how amazing our lecturers have taught us to love our research. My greatest gratitude to Mr. Stan Serrao, Ms. Rina and Ms. Riddhi who have shared their knowledge and made me see and love the importance of science in our daily life. Thank you dear WIGNET and its valuable lecturers on Nutrigenomics and for providing me this amazing opportunity to sharpen me into my greater self.

- Zorem Thara, Aizwal, Mizoram (May 2022 Batch)

I am thankful to WIGNET and all the faculty members for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to learn about genomics, nutrigenomics and epigenetics. This will surely help us lead a healthy life by designing our lifestyles based on our genetic expressions. The entire course is well-structured and framed in such a unique and systematic way that each chapter is in sync with the next chapter with smooth transition. The course is powerful with deep insights based on scientific and evidence-based knowledge which is quite practical and can be applied by any person who wants to shift to health & wellness based on their genetic makeup, instead of illness & sufferings in their life.

CMD Mr. Stan Serrao and faculty members are energetic and knowledgeable which made the learning process easy and understandable for anyone, whether from medical / health care background or not. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has the intent to help themselves, their family members and serve the mankind bringing them out from pain and sufferings due to avoidable illnesses and helping them lead a healthier and happier life on all domains of health and wellness. Thankful to the entire WIGNET team for this wonderful initiative. I wish you good luck in future.

- Mrs. Kalpana Chauhan, Delhi (May 2022 Batch)

CCNG course by WIGNET is very comprehensive and easy to understand backed by an excellent support team, which helps you make the process easy. The faculty member made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make you confused. As nutrigenomics is a new trending subject it covered all the basics of nutrition and genetics along with the marking system after each module. I thank all the genetics counsellors and the team for providing us with in-depth knowledge.

- Ms. Alka Singh, Delhi (May 2022 Batch)

I am extremely happy to have completed my CCNG in Batch 8. I am truly thankful to WIGNET. It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about genomics and nutrigenomics. Thank you to the entire WIGNET team and especially Mr. Stan Serrao.

- KPVV Nagaraju, Hyderabad, Telangana (May 2022 Batch)

Firstly, let me thank Mr. Stan for introducing CCNG, a wonderful course which is very useful to me. Through this course I have got a clear idea about prevention and treatment of diseases, how to take control of our health and Nutrigenomics. I clearly understood that based on the genotype, personalization of medicine / nutritional therapy is essential. As we are in the Nutraceutical industry, being a Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant, we can guide everyone in solving chronic diseases. Nutrigenomics (Nutraceutical & Genomax) has a great potential in the near future and I am sure we are going to be the market leaders. Thanks to Ms. Rina and Ms. Riddhi for their excellent presentations and teaching.

- K Revathi, Madurai, Tamil Nadu (May 2002 Batch)

The CCNG is very well designed, which gives us detailed knowledge of genetics and nutrition. The course material is very exhaustive and filled with lots of videos for better understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel empowered to help people live a disease and medicine free life through knowledge of Nutrigenomics.

- Abhijeet Laxman Bhojane, Satara, Maharashtra (May 2022 Batch)

Thank you so much for introducing us to the best of science. I am proud to be a part of Welocity Genetics which is the leading Indian Genetics-based wellness organization delivering innovative and technology-driven wellness solution to all walks of life. I was overwhelmed by the content & delivery of the same by the trainers in making the learning journey enjoyable & understandable. The assignments were very beneficial to the entire learning process. This course has ignited the student inside me and I promise that this journey will continue. I would certainly recommend every Indian household to enroll themselves for this very useful course on Nutrigenomics as this will not only improve their life but for future generations to come.

- Sumeet Paul, Corporate Professional Transformed into a Trendpreneur, Delhi (May 2022 Batch)

I am a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). I currently work as a Vector Graphics Designer. Since I am health-conscious individual, I have keen interest in health & wellness. With my limited knowledge I always thought that a cell is the minutest part of a human body but knowing fundamentals of genetics proved me wrong. The excellent faculty of WIGNET introduced me to the amazing world of genetics, DNA and genes. They taught all the 50 chapters spread across 5 sections in a very simple way which made CCNG very easy to understand. During CCNG I understood the role of our genes, DNA, proteins, macro nutrients, micro nutrients and epigenetic with the impact of environment on our gene expression in every chapter. I am truly glad to have done CCNG suggested to me by our dynamic CMD Mr. Stan Serrao.

I would like to sincerely suggest all my well-wishers to do this course under WIGNET, where the system management is excellent with wonderful faculty and an excellent way of teaching with systematic sequence of 50 chapters. I will be very happy when I am able to teach my near and dear ones about the need of genetic sequencing, about what is the benefit of gene-based food, how we can predict, prevent and protect ourselves from many non-communicable diseases, about the role of epigenetics, how to create good environment around us, importance of physical activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation etc.

In conclusion, I would like to state that to stay healthy, without any major diseases, we have to make our hormones happy, provide our body with personalized gene-based nutrition and avoid our food intolerances. When we are healthy, we will be happy and when we are happy, we will be not only healthy but wealthy too.

- Bappi Gayan, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh (May 2022 Batch)

I feel so grateful and blessed to have been associated with this great family of Welocity Genetics. The CCNG is very well designed and the topics are well curated for easy understanding by anybody from any field. Even though I am from the medical background, being a professor of a medical college but some aspects of holistic living and treatment in order to avoid diseases had never seriously knocked my brains. But after doing this course I am enlightened with so many beautiful facts of my external environment, food habits etc., which in turn can affect the homeostasis of my internal environment and also the internal environment of many generations down the lane. Being a doctor, I am aware of the 3 P’s (Predictive, Preventive and Personalized medicine). But this course has now made me aware of a greater term – Personalized Food. Simple but so very important. I think I can bring some good changes, smiles and happiness to many people whose lives were doomed due to ignorance of lifestyles and food habits.

My sharing will be incomplete without acknowledging the great teachers who had gone the extra mile to teach us beyond the schedule time. And the cherry on the cake is the extra boost given in every class by the CMD Mr. Stan Serrao, even it may be for a few minutes. Another plus point in CCNG is, the recordings of the classes which we can rewind as many numbers of times till we assimilate the knowledge. Last but not the least, I would also like to acknowledge the backend staff who are very prompt in answering to any of our queries and for giving us the reminders of classes and our progress which has kept us on our toes and in a competitive motivated spirit to move ahead and complete the course on time. My best wishes to team WIGNET so that they can bring more positive changes in the society by imparting knowledge. Thanks, and regards.

- Dr. Malini Dutta, Hyderabad, Telangana (May 2022 Batch)

My experience of learning about Genomics and Nutrigenomics at WIGNET has been a very knowledgeable one. The course is crafted in a very systematic and step by step manner, which makes the learning process very easy. The faculties are very cooperative and teach in an easy manner. I would recommend this course on anyone who wishes to lead a healthier happier life.

- Dr. Kamal Kotwal, Pune, Maharashtra (May 2022 Batch)

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful learning experience. CCNG has immensely helped me understand a wide horizon of genetics and nutrigenomics. For me the learning has just started. I will continue to study in detail on this very interesting subject. It an amazing course any one can go for and take control of their own health.

- Divya Sanglikar, Mumbai, Maharashtra (May 2022 Batch)

CCNG is the best online learning course designed to understand nutrigenomics. Overall course structure, the content, lectures and the test is designed so well. The LIVE classes are very interactive and are very beneficial. Very good faculty and support staff. Wish you more success to team CCNG in near future. My personal suggestion about it is go for CCNG. Its worth your time, money and efforts.

- Chetan Chavan, Pune, Maharashtra (April 2022 Batch)

I am thankful to WIGNET and its entire team for providing me such a wonderful platform for to learn and grow about Nutrigenomics and its impact on our life. I am honoured to have secured second rank in the 7th batch, which has helped me boost my confidence in handling clients and their questions. I strongly suggest, this certificate course package is fully loaded with insights of scientific knowledge which helps us in understanding the importance of genetics and how food & lifestyle impacts our gene expression. As Certified Nutrigenomics Consultant, I have now added 5-Stars to my career and my profession. Thank you to Stan sir for creating this wonderful opportunity.

- Shaik Mohammad Anwar, Hyderabad, Telangana (Feb 2022 Batch)

मी कल्पना राठोड, राहणार कल्याण. गेल्या 10 वर्षांपासून हेल्थ अँड वेलनेस इंडस्ट्री मध्ये काम करत असतांना अनेक नवनवीन गोष्टी शिकायला मिळत गेल्या आहेत. त्या एज्युकेशनचा आणि अनुभवांचा फायदा आज मला माझ्या आयुष्यात आणि प्रोफेशन मध्ये होत आहे. जानेवारी 2018 पासून वेलोसिटी जनेटिक्स मध्ये जिनोमिक वेलनेस कन्सल्टंट म्हणून काम करायला सुरुवात केली आणि जनेटिक्स वर आधारित वेलनेस सोल्युशन हा विषय, त्याचे फायदे समजून घेत असतानाच 2018 मध्ये स्वतःचे DNA प्रोफाईलिंग करून घेतल्यानंतर माझ्या स्वतःच्या आणि परिवाराच्या आरोग्याचे फायदे मला घेता आले आहेत.

आपल्या निरोगी आणि सदृढ आरोग्यासाठी जनेटिक्स वर आधारित वेलनेस सोल्युशन लोकांपर्यंत पोहचवता यावे याकरीता मला स्वतःला या विषयाची परीपूर्ण माहिती असावी असे नेहमीच वाटत असायचे. WIGNET च्या माध्यमातून न्यूट्रिजेनॉमिकस आणि ह्युमन जेनेटिक्स बद्दल शिकण्याची संधी मला मिळाली आणि आज मी सर्टिफाईड न्यूट्रिजिनोमिक वेलनेस कन्सल्टंट व बिजनेस हेड म्हणून काम करीत असून जास्तीत जास्त लोकांना त्यांचे आरोग्य सुधारण्यासाठी मदत करीत आहे व त्यासोबतच भविष्यात उद्भवणाऱ्या विविध हेल्थ प्रॉब्लेम्स बद्दल आधीच माहिती करून घेत येणाऱ्या संकटांना कसं थांबवता येईल याबद्दल मार्गदर्शन करीत आहे. CCNG कोर्स मध्ये न्यूट्रिजिनोमिक्स बद्दल खूप काही शिकायला मिळाले. WIGNET च्या सर्वच Faculties च्या शिक्षणाचा, अनुभवाचा फायदा या प्रशिक्षणामध्ये मला झाला. अतिशय सोप्प्या भाषेत व विस्तृतपणे न्यूट्रिजिनोमिक्स हा विषय शिकविला त्याबद्दल कंपनीचे सर्वोसर्वा Mr. Stan Serrao सर आणि Faculty Team ला मनःपूर्वक धन्यवाद.

- Kalpana Rathod, Mumbai, Maharashtra (December 2021 Batch)

CCNG course by WIGNET has not only helped me gain academic knowledge but also helped me put the knowledge to practical use. The faculty has been very helpful and they don't just teach about the course but there are extra webinars to expand our knowledge. Thank you to the entire team of Welocity Genetics and WIGNET.

- Diya Bomb, Mumbai, Maharashtra (December 2021 Batch)

It was a great learning experience from a student-friendly faculty. Periodical reminders from THE back-end team throughout the course was of great use to attend all the online classes without fail. For me, this is a milestone learning experience. It will be an eye-opener for all health lovers. I would highly recommend this course to everyone, especially children. Because all of us are witnessing an erratic lifestyle that is causing various health hazards, especially during this pandemic. My special appreciation to Mr. Stan Serrao for indulging himself with great dedication with his team to bring massive awareness in our society. This is a noble cause to applaud for. Good luck to the entire Team Welocity Genetics and WIGNET.

- Dr. Meka Janaki Balaji, Hyderabad, Telangana (December 2021 Batch)

The CCNG course was very well organized, informative and interesting. Subject is a trending, fact based approach to wellness and preventive healthcare. Thanks to all the genetic counselors for teaching concepts with clarity and patiently clearing all our doubts. Great job team WIGNET.

- Tanmayi Desai, Bengaluru, Karnataka (December 2021 Batch)

On the onset, I would like to thank Mr. Stan Serrao, the dynamic CMD of Welocity Genetics for giving me an opportunity to learn one of the most sought-after subjects in the modern medical system of the world, genetic and nutrigenomics, with CCNG course.

I am a part of the mainstream medical profession for over 25 years studying pharmacological science, medications, vaccination, surgical procedures and products. I was really curious and fascinated to know the world of genetics. After joining the CCNG, I became so attached to the course content that I studied all the chapters again and again. The faculty members are truly dedicated who make it so simple that any layman can understand the subjects easily generating maximum interest. Though genetics is an advanced scientific subject, the course content is planned in such a way that any health-conscious person can benefit immensely. CMD Mr. Stan Serrao takes a lot of personal interest in each and every class and gives immense mental boost to every student.

Being in the medical profession, visiting hospitals and doctors for years, I have seen people suffering from different diseases and ailments incurring huge financial losses and even loss of precious lives. I have seen people running from pillar to post yet not get answers to many heath conditions due to poor or erroneous diagnosis due to the very design of the modern medical system. That is why I became an active member of the renowned NGO "Stop Medical Terrorism" a while ago. After completing CCNG, I feel I can help some more people to get rid of their sufferings simply with personalized healthy food habits and lifestyle modifications. By completing CCNG, I strongly felt, I am in one of the best sectors to help the humankind. This is the course, where one can also became an entrepreneur with zero investment and at the same time can serve humanity. I sincerely thank all the genetic councilors and the CMD for introducing this amazing scientific course in an extremely affordable price.

- Geet Barthakur, Guwahati, Assam (December 2021 Batch)

I am into health & wellness industry since 2011. However, thanks to CCNG, for giving me this amazing information, where I have been able to learn a lot of terms related to genetics as well as medical. I cannot express my happiness in words. The knowledge I have gained by doing this nutritional course (CCNG) has made me think how important it is to eat right and avoid unhealthy food to stay far away from various kinds of sicknesses. I personally recommend you not to miss this opportunity to learn this course. Go for it.

- Remisa Jennifer Al Bahrani, Mumbai, Maharashtra (December 2021 Batch)

WELOCITY GENETICS: DNA Test and Nutrition:

I now know that the critical factor many people miss is that genes play an enormous part in dictating what someone should eat. Just because you know someone succeeding with the latest diet trend doesn't mean you will have the same results.

The fact is that everybody is different - let us think about that phrase again: every BODY is different. I mean this in the most literal sense. This is what genes are all about. They are fascinating and unique codes that see to it that no two people are exactly the same. They help us better understand how we, as individuals, function and why we are the way we are.

In particular, our DNA affects how our body metabolizes food. The more we learn about nutrition and genes, the more we'll begin to understand this crucial concept. There are many layers to nutrigenomics, or "the study of the effects of nutrients on the expression of an individual's genetic makeup," and it's essential to know how our distinctive DNA affects what and how we eat.

When striving for healthier habits, most know which foods are "healthy" and not. What is healthy for Ram may not be healthy for Rahim, and all of this is based on our genetics. It's best to find a custom strategy for me and only me.

When followed correctly, a DNA-based personalized nutrition plan can serve as medicine, as it may prevent harmful effects from unhealthy foods, help ward off disease, and in some cases reverse existing damage. This doesn't mean we can't join our friends for treats or share food (except for severe allergens, of course). It just means we need to utilize genetic-based nutrition to reap the ultimate rewards food can provide.

Instead of following the latest fad diet, let us step into the world of DNA --- I urge all the students in my cohort to GET YOUR TEST DONE TODAY and ask their family and friends to do so too. With WELOCITY GENETICS, this CCNG - batch 5, based on personal experience, can explore what it means to get our body the nutrients it really needs. We together can help each other make specific, nutritious choices; crush our healthy lifestyle goals; and steer ourselves down the right path - without wasting precious time or resources trying to figure it all out on our own.

WELOCITY GENETICS has years of experience in the industry and the proven science behind its recommendations. They will prepare the guide to help us optimize our body's capabilities and feel better than ever. A proper understanding of the items listed on a unique DNA test report provided by WELOCITY GENETICS will serve as a guide to help us take on nutrition efficiently and effectively. Thank you.

- GR Krishna, Bengaluru, Karnataka (September 2021 Batch)

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Of all the places I have studied in my life, I've never been alongside such passionate people who really walk their talk and give you skills and confidence to build a career as a Nutrigenomics Consultant and a Lifestyle Coach. Though genetics is a very broad topic, the way the course is structured in such a way that it leads you through specific science you needed to know, right from the cellular level to the DNA level. Throughout the course there has been unlimited support, interaction and feedback from CMD Mr. Stan Serrao and faculty Ms. Rina Baliga and Ms. Lavina Cardoza. I highly encourage everyone to enrol for CCNG and take this opportunity to live a holistic healthy life through gene-based diet and personalized exercise regimen.

- Marita Vicky Pereira, Abu Dhabi (June 2021 Batch)

I am glad to have completed the CCNG (October 2020 Batch) successfully. The syllabus was very informative and easily understandable.I thank the faculty for their sincere effortsof teaching students elaborately during online classes. They enlightened us about the scope of nutrigenomics in the future and the role of nutrigenomics counsellors. Overall, I enjoyed the course and attending online classes.I pledge myself to help as many people as possible to improve their health and wellbeing through the customised non-invasive nutrigenomics solutions.

- Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Bengaluru, Karnataka (Oct 2020 batch)

I am 78. I did not join the previous batch because I thought attending online course and online test is beyond me. I thought I will strain my eyes staring at the screen and hurt my back by sitting continuously for 8 weeks. However, since I am a health-conscious senior citizen, I joined this batch out of curiosity. After attending the first online class, I started anxiously waiting for the next classes. Though, I am from the commerce background, after successfully completing CCNG, I came to know how useful it is to understand human body, human nature, various deceases, the effect of environment on genes and vice versa and how to develop effective decease management with right nutrition and lifestyle corrections. Mr. Stan and all the Nutrigenomics counsellors made the course so interesting, interactive and meaningful that this will remain in my memories for years to follow.By daily sitting and studying for one an hour I completed the test and answered all the questions though I made some mistakes. All in all it was very nice experience.I have started recommending this course after completing the first 2 sessions itself.

- Sharadchandra Riswadkar, Mumbai, Maharashtra (Oct 2020 batch)

Nowadays medicine has become a part of the daily meals for common people. By attending CCNG, I can now proudly say that right food can be the medicine. I pledge to educate and create awareness amongst masses about CCNG and Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program Welocity which can help people come out of consuming excessive medicine for quick fix. I thank Sri Stan Serrao, CMD and the entire team for this amazing education program. This is a boon for everyone, whoconsiders health is the true wealth. I am really feeling proud to be a part of this life changing certification course.

- Motamarri Murali Krishna, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

During my childhood I had a dream to become a doctor, which unfortunately, I could not achieve. After completing CCNG and being a 'Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant', my dream has partially come true and I am extremely delighted. I heartily thank Welocity's WIGNET for providing such an opportunity to a common man. WIGNET is taking people from the unknown to the known. I learned how to identify the root causesof health problems, how to solve them with the help of right food, what to eat and importantly, what not to eat as per our genes and the problems we can face with junk food etc. Welocity Genetics can help us find out the root cause of the problem and also help heal it with the help of food, which is natural medicine. With the help of a genetic test we can get solutionsfor not only for us but also for the next generation which is may be impossible in any other medical stream. I now truly believe, health is Wealth and food is the medicine. I thank Team for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

- Mrs. Ponnada Jyothi, Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

Though I was not familiar with subjects like health, wellness or medical, I found the CCNG easy while learning. This was possible only due to the unique methodology of online self-study clubbed with highly informative and interactive online classes. I thank Team Welocity led by Stan sir for their efforts and simplified teaching strategy in a layman language. I feel blessed to be a part of this course,and I don't want to stop here. This is a subject that each and every one of us should know,as it keeps us healthy and makes others healthier.

- Navyasri Pothakamuri,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

Education is the best investment one can make. That too for education, where we can know more about ourbody, its genetic make-up, and variousfunctions and how we can predict and prevent our future potential diseases through personalized nutrition and lifestyle correction is simply a smart decision. All our trainers are highly experienced, competent and crystal clear about each and every chapter. They cleared all our doubts and queries quickly. They are the real jewels of our company and I salute them from the bottom of my heart. I congratulate Stan sir, CMD for arranging such world-class education for a reasonable fee. I feel all of us must undergo CCNG to gain knowledge on our own health and build your bright future. From now onwards, I am proud to sayI am a Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant.

- Devdas Puthran, Mumbai, Maharashtra (Oct 2020 batch)

One thing I want to tell you, since my childhood, I wanted to become a doctor, but due to my family background I could not achieve that dream. But now, God has given me a unique opportunity through Welocity genetics to become a Wellness Doctor. I am very thankful to WIGNET institute and all the CCNG coursetrainers for helping me fulfil my dream. I am very happy to have done this course. The online mode was very clear, useful and will definitely help me build a career as a Genetic Wellness consultant and help people become healthy through this knowledge. CCNG is extremely useful in knowing the gene-based modifications in food and lifestyle. It had in-depth information about our genes and nutrition.

- GSN Malleswara Rao, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

It was my privilege tobe a part of Oct 2020 batch of CCNG, which taught me the importance of human body, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, yoga, meditation, genetics and root causes for various chronic diseases in a single platform. If I were to rate this course, I'll rate it 10/10.Each and every chapter was very informative and elaborative. I am very happy to know that we can crate many solutions for chronic diseases through food and lifestyle corrections after a genetic test. In CCNG, I came to know how to utilise natural elements as our forefathers used.Welocity Genetics has stressed on the fact that nature has the power to heal you. I thank Chairman Sri Stan Serro sir and his team.

- V. Kalpana, Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

I must say that these 2 months were very enlightening and informative time. The faculty members were amazing who were very understanding and kind, explaining minute details of the subject by giving examples and case studies. All the students were energetic and intensely involved in the course with their experiences, irrespective of the age. I clearly encourage everyone to enrolfor CCNG and notmiss out on this wonderful opportunity.

- Dr. Joavita Joyce Pires, Saudi Arabia (Oct 2020 batch)

I would like to thank CMD Mr.Stan Serrao for providing an excellent opportunity for a common man to enrol in this course. I also thank Dr. V.Chandra Sekhar and Dr.JejiBabugaru for introducing and explaining the importance of CCNG and the role of genetics in our life in Telugu webinars. CCNG has taught me the importance of each and every element gifted by nature. The classes were also taught in very interactive and interesting manner. I've learnt many new things through this course. When I came to know about the genetic test and its importance which is also a part of this course, I've given my saliva sample for gene test. I genuinely suggest each and every one to enrol for this course.

- K Chiranjeevi Eswara Rao, Anakpalle, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

Hi. I am a medical doctor by profession.I always believed in natural/ alternate therapies and less of medicines while treating my patients. Welocity gave me a good platform with nutrigenomics.Genetics is a specialised upcoming field and I wanted to learn more about it. I am thankful to our CMD Mr.Stan Serrao for organising this course. I am happy I could do this course.CCNG is a very informative, interesting and useful course giving us in-depth knowledge of the complicated processes taking place within our body. All the chapters are well organised.I thank and congratulate all the teachers specially the counsellors for making the subject so simplified, that students from all walks of life could understand.I will advise everyone to do this course, to live a healthy disease free life. I learnt a lot from this course and epigenetics appealed to me most.As we know DNA is fixed and hard to change,but epigenetics can intervene and change the gene expression and transform your mind and body and reverse the disease process.I sincerely thank all the course faculties and supporting staff ,for their efforts in making this course a success.

- Dr. Aviva Ben Issac, Mumbai, Maharashtra (Oct 2020 batch)

Since childhood I was interested in biology and wanted to study medicine but I could not. I then made it a habit to read books to know the root causes of various diseases. This keen interest had made me join this course. It has taught me alot and the most important point I've learnt from this course is that food can be the medicine for all diseases. I thank Stan sir, Dr.JejiBabugaru and Dr. Chandra Shekhargaru for inspiring me to enrol into this course and complete it successfully.

- K S Rajya Lakshmi, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

I really want to appreciate each and every trainer of CCNG for being so wonderful. The way you were interacting with us and clarifying our each and every small doubt, it was awesome. Even though, the classes were conducted online, the way of teaching and making us learn was very interesting and outstanding .Thanks to CMD Stan Sir for giving me such an amazing opportunity and special thanks to Dr. P. Jejibabugaaru who is my ultimate guide, supporter and guruji.

- Kiranmai Jujjuri, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (Oct 2020 batch)

The CCNG was extremely satisfying as it brought out a lot of clarity into what is really happening inside our body and why and what are the factors affecting our bodies and what can be done to prevent them. The course material was extremely understandable although the number of new terms were phenomenal. The highlight was the trainers who were very clear, very competent and very patient and answered all our numerous questions in detail. Stan, you really have a great course and I congratulate you for setting this up with your team and hope that more and more people will sign up for this course to help spread the message that will make a difference to their own as well as other's health in a scientific, relatively inexpensive and proactive way and minimise the disease related complications we all feel we are destined to face. Keep doing this good work.

- Sharad Trivedi, Mumbai, Maharashtra (August 2020 Batch)

I enjoyed the first batch of CCNG (Certificate Course of Nutrigenomics) very much. The course reflects the importance of personalized nutrition in our day to day lives. All the 48 chapters were well prepared and perfectly organized. They showed a number of examples regarding the intervention of nutrients and genes through published scientific videos. The course was explained by Stan Serrao, CMD of Welocity and the Nutrigenomics Counsellors in a way which was easy to understand. The information about Nutrigenomics is very relevant and important to reduce the risk of many diseases or increase the possibility of successful nutritional interventions for the maintenance of good health and well-being. Studying and understanding Nutrigenomics is an interesting and innovative scope for Certified Nutrigenomics Consultants for their business. Overall, I had a great and amazing journey throughout the entire duration of the course and I will definitely recommend it.

- Florine Fernandes, Mumbai, Maharashtra (August 2020 Batch)

By profession I am a medical doctor. This course was very informative for me. Each and every lecture was very interesting. The course material was so easy that any person could understand. It gives minute details about each and every nutrient. I am very happy to have done this course and I am encouraging my colleagues too along with people who are not aware of medical field or medicines. Though the course was online mode the teachers explanation and the presentation used by them made the lecture very interesting. There are many things in this course which are not known to many of us. After this course I have started suggesting diet also which gave an excellent result. I will be very grateful if degree and PG will also be introduced.


I feel immensely privileged and proud to be one of the students of the recently concluded first batch of CCNG. The amount of professional knowledge attained from this very useful course will definitely be a milestone in my career as a Certified Genetic Wellness Consultant. With this enrichment I can definitely help people become healthy and happy through Welocity Genetics revolutionary Lifetime Genetic Program (LGP).

In this hard Corona pandemic time, the value addition I have been able to do is immeasurable, both in terms of my personal grooming and health benefits of my family members. We are greatly benefited from it. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the efforts undertaken by the course faculties and the supporting staff, with special thanks and regards to Welocity CMD Mr. Stan Serrao for offering and successfully completing this Batch. My beest wishes to everyone for a bright future.

- CA Vipul Agarwal, Kota, Rajasthan (August 2020 Batch)

This course was very insightful. I've learnt many things from this course. For instance, we can get non-medical remedies by eating right food for many health issues. Diabetologist usually prescribe Metformin for diabetic patients that may not have the desired impact on them and at the same time it may also cause several discomfort or side effects too. After attending this course I have started prescribing only Ayurveda and gene-based diet. I thank Mr. Stan, CMD of Welocity Genetics and the entire team members for offering this course and make the people realise the importance of each and every food and nutrient.


I am very glad to be a student of the first batch of CCNG. This course has given me detailed explanation of each and every nutrient and also its importance. In spite of the course being online, the visual aids used are very good and interesting. An important point is that by opting for this course even a home maker can become a certified genomic wellness consultant, which may be extremely useful for the family. I would like to thank Mr. Stan, CMD of Welocity Genetics and his team for modulating the course in a very interesting structure. One should pursue this course to be a good genomic consultant to create a healthy atmosphere around us.


I am not a science student, yet I found the subject of nutrigenomics very interesting. Since I also promote Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program (LGP), I decided to study further. The CCNG course was in-depth information about our genes and nutrition. I am sure this will go a long way in enhancing my knowledge and helping me guide more people to experience optimum health. I advise all IBO'S to do this course. Remember the best investment one can make is on oneself. I have already recommended CCNG to 3 more people within one week of completing the course.


CCNG is an excellent course for beginners. It is extremely useful in knowing the gene-based modification in food and lifestyle. It is very helpful in the diagnosis of mutations and SNPs. Very useful tool for daily dietary management. Useful in knowing genotype and phenotype changes of parents and offspring.


I am happy and excited to be a part of the first batch. Thanks to Stan sir for organising this CCNG course and more importantly the way it was executed so very well. I learnt the basics which not only gives me self-confidence but also will surely be an enabler while speaking to anybody. Thanks to Welocity genetic councillors and also the staff behind the webinar in organising this course. Once again I take a lot of pride to be in the first batch and a part of this initiative. Best wishes to all the students and the entire Welocity Genetics team.


I am really overwhelmed with the 2-month online CCNG (Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics) conducted by Welocity Genetics. The information given by the entire team of genetic experts through online classes was of utmost importance and extremely valuable knowledge to the humankind. The positive impact of this knowledge has taken me to the next level in my professional career and I am happy to know a lot of interesting subjects like gene-based diet and lifestyle modifications. In today's modern and busy life, it is absolutely essential for everyone to know about their daily dietary management. With the knowledge gained through CCNG l am absolutely confident of providing my genomic knowledge to health-conscious people to stay healthy and happy through lifetime genetic program ( LGP) , I profoundly thank the whole faculty and the staff for conducting this program and for enriched me with their knowledge,


As you are aware, Welocity Genetics is the leading Indian Genetics-based wellness organization delivering innovative and technology-driven wellness solution to all walks of life. It is committed to create mass awareness through WIGNET by creating genomic wellness professionals to make positive contribution in the society as Informed Professionals and Genetic experts in an illness world. CCNG (Certificate Course in Nutrigenomics) is a superb endeavor in this mission. I am very proud to be a Student of this course in the first batch. The course material is very well prepared, extremely informative and useful for all the Genomic Wellness Consultants. The subject material was fully explained by well qualified experts, Nutrigenomics Councilors and Mr. Stan Serrao, CMD during weekly webinars. This course has enhanced my knowledge on this subject as well support me to increase my business also. I highly recommend all the Welocity IBOs to grab the opportunity to join this CCNG to be a Certified Nutrigenomics Consultant.

- CA Rajendra Verma, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (August 2020 Batch)

I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow. This really makes me search for the answer and in return, I retain more information. I found it relaxing to be able to turn the work on the assignments and test at my leisure and when I had the time. I will say I learned quite a bit in this course. The assignments were very beneficial to the entire learning process. I really would have liked to have a study guide for at least the final section, but other than that I thought this online class was organized very well. I really liked was having the flexibility of logging on at my convenience to do assignments. I am generally a night owl and being able to log on at 11 or 12 at night was great for me!! I also like the course notes given by the instructors. They were easy to follow and very informative.


I am a medical doctor by profession. As a beginner to the world of genetics and nutrition, I am very happy to do the CCNG. First of all, thanks to Welocity Genetics for organizing and taking efforts for offering such a magical course. This will be 100% useful to me in my practice in the future. All the teachers explained the syllabus very nicely and also gave examples which we can see in our day today life. I enjoyed it a lot and also learned lots of new things which were not known to me earlier.


To be honest, I am looking forward to take more such online classes. The experience of this class has been very positive. I thought the course outline, syllabus, online zoom were extremely good. As a busy doctor I really liked the format and the flexibility of this course. It worked well with my busy schedule and expectations were clear and upfront. The class notes that followed each chapter were very detailed and online material supported the chapters very well to.

- Dr. Jeji babu, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (August 2020 Batch)

My gratitude to everyone who made this course a successful one! I feel honoured to be one of the students of the CCNG (Certificate Course of Nutrigenomics). The amount of professional knowledge attained from this is very useful to develop a skilled knowledge base in areas of genetics, nutrition and nutrigenomics which promote the concepts and principles in nutrigenomics, and develop skills for playing the role of Nutrigenomics Counsellor. With this enrichment, I can definitely help people become healthy and happy through Welocity Genetics revolutionary Lifetime Genetic Program (LGP).

In this pandemic time, the value addition I have been able to do is immeasurable, both in terms of my personal and health benefits of my family members. We are greatly benefited from it. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the efforts undertaken by the course faculties and the supporting staff, in completing this course successfully.

- Dr. Vanum Srinivasarao, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (August 2020 Batch)

Hi. I am a Quality Manager by profession running a Quality Testing Lab for testing Food, Water, Vitamin and Minerals etc. and provide nutritional information of various food products. I am very thankful to Welocity Genetics for offering this type of certificate course in first time in India. I am very happy and feeling proud to do CCNG (Certificate Course of Nutrigenomics) in the very first batch. This course is extremely useful in knowing the gene-based modifications in food and lifestyle. The CCNG course had in-depth information about our genes and nutrition. The course material was very well prepared, extremely informative and useful for all us Genomic Wellness Consultants. The subject material was nicely explained by well-qualified experts and Nutrigenomics Counsellors. CCNG is an excellent course for beginners.


I am an acupuncturist and an alternative medicine practitioner. I have been an integral part of Welocity Genetics ever since its inception and I am extremely proud to be a student of the first batch of CCNG. The course has in-depth knowledge of various aspects of Genetics and Nutrigenomics. I have always been a keen student to upgrade my knowledge and CCNG has given me lots of new knowledge. The course helps provide priceless solutions to people to make them aware of their genetic make-up and safeguard themselves from various diseases and illnesses with a non-medical approach by changing diet and lifestyle and live a blessed life. I strongly recommend CCNG to every health-conscious individual to gain knowledge in Nutrigenomics and lead a healthy life. I look forward to grow with Welocity Genetics. Thank you Mr. Stan, Mr. Milind Doshi and the entire team of WIGNET.


The course had everything you said it would have. Overall I really liked the online classes, because all lectures and tests were straight forward. The assignments were very beneficial to the entire learning process. The lectures were very detailed and well-organized. At times, I felt I should have taken up this subject in a traditional manner because of the complexity of some of the topics. However, overall, I found it effective and truly enjoyed it. It became an excellent platform for my continuous learning process and helped me attain more knowledge.


I am a proud student of the first batch of CCNG of WIGNET. Thanks to our visionary CMD, Mr. Stan Serrao for his unique mission of creating massive genomic wellness awareness. I wish WIGNET will soon be recognized by competent authorities for our sincere efforts of mass awareness, innovative courses & education. Right now there are not many institutes that offer such kind of course o genetics and nutrigenomics. During this pandemic, every one of us needs to know the information about ourselves to remain healthy, happy and have a long life.

Becoming a doctor was the first thing I had wished for but unfortunately couldn't. Instead I went on to become an advocate. I can now proudly say that I'm a Certified Consultant on Nutrigenomcis and serve people in improving their health. In CCNG, our CMD Mr. Stan & his entire team have given us in-depth knowledge, along with relevant videos about the future of nutrigenomics. I sincerely thank all of them. I highly recommend this course to everyone so that they understand their body in which they are living, as well as help their near and dear ones live a healthy life.


To be honest, the experience of CCNG was very useful. Great information was shared through Zoom based online classes, which has tremendous positive impact on me. The information, power point presentations were extremely good. I really thank all at WEGNET who shared a lot of knowledge with all the students. To be precise, CCNG was beyond my initial expectations. The interaction was very detailed and the multiple choice questions that followed each chapter were very interesting. Online material supported the chapters very well too. You are the front liner in creating Genomic Revolution in Indi and I am extremely proud to participate in your great mission. I am thankful to members of Welocity Genetics.