You are What You Eat

As you know by now, a genetic based diet plan holds the key to your good health. Our Lifetime Genetic Program test report recommends foods that you must eat based on the nutrients your body lacks. Making necessary changes in your daily food habits clubbed with consuming dietary supplements that are generally not found in your daily food intake and making necessary lifestyle changes are some of the important aspects of lifestyle corrections.

When you plan to give your diet an overhaul, the first thing you must consider is to ensure you have a healthy digestive system. This is a vital ingredient that is essential to guarantee that you are efficiently burning your food and effectively extracting the nutrients from it. Diseases are often associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies or food sensitivities. So having healthy digestion and knowing what foods work for you is really important.

You must consider a food elimination diet to find out which foods you may have a sensitivity or allergy to. For some people raw food, although perceived to be healthy, is way too hard on their inflamed and delicate digestive systems and they may need to begin by incorporating a liquid diet such as juices, soups and easily digestible foods until their gut heals. Fish oil is a great way to naturally combat inflammation.

It's always good to try and get the nutritional benefits from your food. Every food has its own unique set of nutrients to meet the needs of your body. So, eating a wide variety of foods ensures that you are getting a diverse range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need. Numerous foods have antioxidant, antibiotic and antifungal properties. Many chronic conditions benefit from a specialized diet and avoiding particular foods. There are foods which reduce inflammation and ones that help lower cholesterol.

Fuelling up on super foods is a great way to provide the body with nutrients and not over eat. Incorporating the seasons into your menu planning will benefit you so that you can enjoy fresh and live foods that are abundantly available. All in all, consume lots of water to hydrate your body, always avoid oily junk foods and stuff your daily food with adequate nutrition to enjoy good health.

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